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The study of linkages is one of the broadest of all studies. In this site, I'm particularly concerned with the areas shown above but its scope is much wider, so it should be of interest to any 'intelligent general reader.' For example, the section 'Themes and Controversies,' which has its own map, includes amongst other things: bullfighting, factory farming and other matters to do with animal welfare, the death penalty, mobile phones, smoking and supermarkets. Most of the material on this site is non-technical, but a section thematic and other symbols is an exception. This is on the page which explains 'themes.'

In this site, I analyze linkages in many different fields and create completely new ones: one prominent theme is innovation. There are a large number of innovations here. Many of them are practical, in Web design and gardening. Others are concerned with poetry, for example, innovations in rhymed poetry ('linkage by sound'), in concrete poetry, (the page includes an 'exploding poem') and in a completely new form, which uses 'linkage by meaning.' A glossary of literary linkage terms (distinct from the General Glossary) explains many of the main terms. The left side of the site map gives access to all the pages concerned with poetry and literary theory. The innovations in Web design give new ways of navigating pages, which can be used in the long pages common in Web sites but also in the new form I call 'Large Page Design.' The section of the site concerned with gardening and green issues is extensive and has its own map. This section also has a page which is critical of some aspects of the green movement called 'Green: immature, unsophisticated, or gullible.'

The links of a website are examples of linkages, of course, but most linkages can't be created with the same ease. Some are very problematic, for example, the linkage between mind and body. There may be disputes about a linkage. Astrologers find a linkage between human personality and celestial objects whilst sceptics - and I'm one - find no convincing evidence. Scientific advances involve new linkages. For example, Newton’s Law of Universal Gravitation established a linkage between all the bodies in the Universe. Darwin’s Theory of Evolution established new linkages between organisms.

Linkage and contrast provide a powerful way of viewing human personality in its frequent mixture of strength and weakness and the often grotesque contradictions to be found in societies and give new perspectives in ethics and politics. Many of my aphorisms are concerned with these things. A play - a comedy - illustrates some of the contrasts and contradictions of human nature.

This site has been selected by The Rail, based in the USA, which chooses sites which are "interesting for a very general audience" and "visually appealing, entertaining, unique, highly informative or otherwise valuable from a quality standpoint."

Paul Hurt