The list of external links below is very, very short and gives some of the sites I've found interesting for one reason or another. There are many interesting sites, ones which I appreciate very much, which I've studied carefully but which I haven't included in this list. ('Studied' is the word - often, I've printed out many pages from the sites, so that I could give them my full attention later.) The list includes only a little information about each site. There are lists of links on some other pages of the site and many, many links are provided on many of the pages.

Poetry and other writing

The name, 'LitRefs: Tim Love's literary references,' doesn't do justice to the site. It's a very useful and comprehensive listing of references, including links, but much more than that. Tim Love is a writer - a very interesting and perceptive one - rather than simply a compiler. See, for example, his pages of reviews.

'The articles on poetry and other aspects of literature, at cover a wide range of topics - sound and sound patterns, many aspects of form, metaphors and simile, layers in literature, painting in poetry, poetry and gardens, jokes and poetry, the poetry mainstream and the poetry avant-garde, William Blake, the world of small poetry magazines, and much else. Tim Love is a poet and writer of prose fiction with abilities in clear, systematic - consistently stimulating - thinking. The articles benefit very much from this union of practice and thinking.

A resolute attempt, informed by strong literary values, to sort the worthwhile from the dross amongst literary Web sites.

GreatWorks is the site of Peter Philpott, a useful, interesting and comprehensive site which is particularly concerned with innovative and experimental writing.

The Web site of C. John Holcombe, whose approach to literature is very wide-ranging, for example, in his references to philosophy and literary theory. His adventurous cultural and intellectual interests energize his site but he also offers advice and comment which is balanced, practical, genuinely helpful. The site gives a vast number of references.

Edward Picot is a notable commentator on the new media, but also a notable practitioner himself, whose writing is spare and unadorned. And the author of a valuable book, 'Outcasts from Eden: Ideas of Landscape in British Poetry since 1945'

The personal Web site of the writer Michael Peverett. His comments on other writers are well worth reading and his long poem FOTO has great individuality. His nature writing is accomplished and beautifully illustrated.

See my appreciative comments concerning this enormously impressive Website, the work of A S Kline, on my page The poetry of Seamus Heaney: flawed success - the section Modernity and modernism.

Humanitarian sites

The death penalty (there are a very large number of superb sites, particularly in the USA.)
Indispensable, very comprehensive source of information concerning the death penalty as applied in the USA.

University malaise

Political correctness and other issues at American universities:

Animal welfare
The World Society for the Protection of Animals.
Compassion in World Farming: sustained action against factory farming.
The Web site of The Captive Animals' Protection Society.

Born Free - action to end the miserably restricted conditions of animals in circuses and zoos. Information about enlightened and unenlightened governments, amongst so much else - for example, Bolvia, which has banned the use of domestic and wild animals in circuses, Croatia, which has banned the keeping of captive dolphins, and India, which has banned the keeping of elephants in zoos.

Food, gardening, farming and the environment
'Food miles,' and other matters.
The campaign to protect rural England.


The design of the site reflects some of the qualities of the paintings, the most distinctive of which are the still-life paintings, astonishing in their conveying of inwardness - inner stillness as the counterpart to the stillness of objects.

Web design
The site which, very generously, gives most of the content of the second edition of the book 'Web Style Guide.'

Articles and reviews
A very useful and comprehensive set of reviews.


The Skeptic's Dictionary by Robert Todd Carroll. Comprehensive, realistic, well informed.