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Emails sent to Green Party members / activists
   Graham Wroe, Sheffield Green Party


'Ask them specific questions and publicize their responses.'

- Sheffield Green Party Councillor Alexi Dimon strongly criticized on my page

''Ask them specific questions and publicize their responses'

I've been doing just this well before councillor Dimond gave this advice and recently as much as ever - putting questions to Green Party people. He overlooks a problem, the failure of people to give any reply. In my experience, Green Party people are very, very unwilling to defend their views or incapable of defending their views. On this page, I'll publish responses when I receive them and publicize the lack of  response when I don't receive them.

Emails sent to Green Party members / activists

Councillor Maroof Raouf, Sheffield Green Party

Email sent 17 November, 2023

Dear councillor Raouf,

I've now added a new page to my Website, 'Green Party Responses,'   www.linkagenet.com/themes/green-party-responses.htm

The material available so far is the content of emails sent to Graham Wroe of Sheffield Green Party. You've sent me a number of emails, of course. [The exact number is 5]. My policy is not to publish emails sent to me on my Website or anywhere in the Public Domain, unless with the permission of the sender. I'm now asking you for permission to quote the emails you've sent to me on that page. 

I hope that you won't take the easy way out and refuse permission or not bother giving a reply. If that happens, at least I can record it on the new page. It will include some detail, including information on your role in data handling in Sheffield Green Party, not just 'Permission to quote emails refused' or 'No reply received to request to quote emails.'

Best Wishes,
Paul Hurt

Graham Wroe, Sheffield Green Party

Emails sent 17 November, 2023


Dear Graham Wroe,

My Website www.linkagenet.com  has a page on
with extensive material on Sheffield Green Party and its views on 'genocide' and many other issues arising from the conflict. the Israeli-Palestinian conflicts 

It includes profiles of Green Party councillors. I'm sending material on the Green Party and claims concerning 'genocide' in a separate email.  

Many pages of the site, including all the pages cited here, make use of 'Large Page Design.' They are wide as well as long and can't be viewed adequately on the small screen of a portablo device.

I also have a page on the Green Party and what I refer to as 'Green orthodoxy, 
The page makes it clear,  as do many others, that I work intensively on 'green' projects - water collecting, water conservation, 
projects to mitigate the effects of climate change. I have a patent pending in the United States which addresses these issues on a farm scale and I've had an article published in the magazine of the National Allotment Society which addresses these issues on a garden scale. My own practice could be described as 'green purist.' 

I have set up a new page on the site which at the moment has not very much content. One of the critical sections is concerned with the Green Party member Professor Albarella. The address of the new page is

I'll be including extensive material on you on a further page, which I intend to add to the
site soon. [Page now added] This page will criticize your views on the Israeli-Palestinian conflicts  and include general Green Party issues. I'm at work at the moment on a section concerned with glyphosate and the significant information that you haven't opposed its use for the control of 
Japanese knotweed. - an uncommon instance of recognizing reality - attempts to eradicate Japanese knotweed by digging down to 
remove the roots would be completely impractical, futile. But the same issues arise, on a different scale, in the control of other, far more common weeds, such as creeping buttercup and ground elder. My experience of cultivating two allotments gives me a great  deal of knowledge about the subjects, but I'll also be referring to multidisciplinary scientific  information.

My Website has very high Google rankings for a wide range of search terms. A few very recent examples

farms gardens water collecting composting
1 / 30,800,000

ethical depth
3 / 177,000,000

Cambridge University excellence stupidity
1 / 15,900,000

I have a policy on emails sent to me. Their content won't be published on my Website or anywhere else in the public domain without the permission of the sender. This policy has denied me the use of ridiculous, ignorant and stupid emails from Green
Party members which I could have used to discredit the senders, and, indirectly, the party. If you send me an email reply to the two emails I'm sending now - the second on is concerned with the issue of Green Party claims concerning 'genocide' - then I request that you give me permission to quote your replies in whole or in part, similarly in the case of any future emails I send to you. I'll be publishing a record of emails I send to you and any emails you send to me - with a record of non-replies as well.

I've very extensive experience of the weakness of Green Party members, their inability to answer reasoned objections supported
with extensive evidence, their failure to defend their views. I'll be finding out if you share these weaknesses.

Best Wishes,

Paul Hurt


Dear Graham Wroe,

In my first email to you, on 'glyphosate and other issues, I  mentioned the fact that
I would be sending a second email. The discussion on my page on Israel and Israeli-Palestinian
 conflicts is extensive. It includes comment on the killing of civilians in war and arguments and evidence concerning the viability of pacifism. In the new page mentioned in my earlier email, which will contain extensive material on you, I'll be discussing the content of pages such as this one


Extracts from my page www.linkagenet.com/themes/israel.htm 

which will show something of the horrors inflicted by the genocidal Nazis and the gross and repulsive
misuse of the word 'genocide' when used in connection with Israel defending itself against terrorism - or with Keir Starmer and the other politicians mentioned in the shameful speech of councillor Dimond.

As I've already mentioned, I intend to bring material to the attention of academics at the two universities and elsewhere. I intend to include the images and text below, after revision.

Gross misuse of  the word 'genocide' by  Green Party members
and so many others. The genocide practised by Nazis, with images.

Above, the killing of Jews in IvanhorodUkraine, 1942. A woman
attempts to protect a child with her own body just before they are shot by a member of an Einsatzgruppe.

Above, 'The Last Jew in Vinnitsa,' Ukraine. Member of Einstatzgruppe D about to execute the victim.

The Einsatzgruppen were Nazi extermination squads. The role of the Naziconcentration camps and extermination camps is well known, the role of
the Einsatzgruppen far less so. Unlike the camps, where the mass killing was carried out in conditions of relative secrecy, the Einsatzgruppen killed in public, very often with the active support of the regular Nazi army, the Wehrmacht. They exterminated Jews and others in the territories captured by the German forces as they advanced Eastwards. The Einsatzgruppen killed about 2 million people, including about 1.3 million Jews.After the war ended, there were many trials of Nazis, including the 'Einsatzgruppen
Trial, which marked the first use of the term "genocide" in a legal context.

Above, scene at Bergen-Belsen concentration camp, liberated by British troops, but too late for so many victims.

Senator Alben W. Barkley was a member of a congressional committee investigating Nazi atrocities. He is shown here  at Buchenwald concentration camp, Weimar, Germany.

 Above, outside Mizocs.  Nazi officer shoots women who survived mass execution


Above, Einsatzgruppe shooting Jews by a mass grave

On arrival at Auschwitz-Birkenau, there was a 'selection.' Some were able to live a little longer, if able to work. The rest were sent to be gassed.
Here, Jewish children walk towards a gas chamber.

Above, Jews forced to dig their own graves before being executed, Storow, Ukraine, 5 July, 1941.

Above, a boy standing by the bodies of his family before being executed himself, Zboriv, Ukraine, 5 July, 1941.

Above, Ernst Biberstein, who studied theology from 1919 to 1921. He became a Protestant pastor in 1924. During the war, he was the commanding officer of Einsatzkommando 6, which executed between 2000 and 3000 people. The Einsatzkommandos were a sub-group of the Einsatzgruppen,. . After the war,
he was tried and sentenced to death but the sentence was commuted. He was released in 1958 and returned to the clergy.


This is Fritz Klein, a doctor who worked at
Auschwitz-Birkenau extermination camp, sometimes taking part is selections for the gas chamber, before moving to Bergen-Belsen, here, shown moving bodies after the camp had been liberated by British forces.

Above, scene at Bergen-Belsen concentration camp.

Below, crematorium at Dachau concentration camp

Above, Adolf Eichmann, one of the main organisers of the Holocaust.

From the Wikipedia article:

Germany invaded Hungary  on 19 March 1944.
Eichmann arrived the same day. Round-ups began
on 16 April, and from 14 May, four trains of 3,000
Jews per day left Hungary and travelled to the camp at Auschwitz II-Birkenau, arriving along a newly built spur line that terminated a few hundred metres away from the gas chambers.
] Between 10 and 25 per cent of the people on each train were chosen as forced labourers; the rest were killed within hours of arrival.

Above, Hungarian Jews on arrival at Auschwitz-Birkenau.

Above, Jewish women and children from Hungary walking toward the gas chamber, Auschwitz II, May/June 1944. 565,000 Hungarian Jews were murdered by the Nazis during the Holocaust.

Above, images showing women at Auschwitz after the liberation of the camp

Sheffield Green Party

Above, Sheffield Green Party Councillor Alexi Dimond leading a chant at a protest outside Sheffield Town Hall:

(The report published on the Green Party site has the spelling  'Nethanyahu' and 'with charge you with ...' instead of 'we charge you with genocide:')

The text / video material published by Sheffield Green Party on the party's Website supports his contemptible, ludicrous, moronic, behaviour. No Sheffield councillor should sink this low, or any party represented on Sheffield City council.


At 6:28 in this Party video, he asks for the chant:



Dear Graham Wroe,

A phone call isn't the best way to convey a case, either for or against a particular view.  You'll find below a wide-ranging section from my Website page 


Many of the issues raised are very complex but some are simple. When I put this simple question to pro-Palestinian supporters and activists, not using the exact words, of course, I've never received a response: 'In Gaza (but not in the West Bank) homosexuality is illegal and punishable by imprisonment for up to ten years. In Israel, homosexuality is fully legal and the gay scene flourishes. In Iran, the supporter of Hamas, homosexuality is subject to the death penalty, as is adultery. The repressive policies concerning homosexuality in Gaza can't possibly be blamed on Israel.

Some findings of  the Pew Research Center, a reputable polling organization, which date from ten years ago. Some of these are given in the section below. Palestinian society may have changed a great deal since then but I don't know of any evidence that it has been transformed, that it has become in any way a liberal, tolerant and open society. 

Stoning to death for adultery may not be practised in the Palestinian territories but 84% of Palestinians support the punishment. 

The conviction that a woman must always obey her husband is widely held, with 87% support in the Palestinian territories.

Support in Gaza for suicide bombings has declined but 62% of people in Gaza still believe that suicide bombings are often justified or sometimes justified to protect Islam. This is the highest level of support in the Islamic world.

66% of people in the Palestinian territories believe in execution for those who leave Islam.

There is widespread Palestinian support for such cruel punishments as amputation of the hand. 76% of people in the Palestinian territories support these punishments.

The section:

If, with the aid of the horrific Iranian regime (which sentenced 51 people to be stoned to death for adultery in 2022), Palestinians in Gaza (which, incidentally, punishes homosexuality with imprisonment for up to ten years) had been able to amass a formidable force of multirole combat aircraft, then there can't be the least doubt that they would have done everything in their power to use them for the destruction of Israeli hospitals, homes and schools, as well as Israeli Defence Force positions, without the least concern for 'International Law.'. They have been able, with the aid of the horrific Iranian regime, to equip themselves with rockets and they have used them to attack Israeli civilians on many occasions in previous years and now on a much bigger scale.

The damage from Israeli counter-attacks against Gaza after these previous rocket attacks should have taught Hamas this simple lesson. If you don't want war damage in Gaza and want to protect civilians in Gaza, stop firing rockets and stop breaking ceasefires. But Hamas are very slow learners. I've no expertise in ballistics so I don't comment on the claims and counter-claims regarding the hospital in Gaza, but the claims made by Hamas aren't supported in the least by the expert opinion I've seen, including their clams of the number of casualties. Outrage in connection with the claim that Israel was responsible seems to be unaccompanied by concern for the men, women, children and babies held hostage in Gaza and those massacred in Israel. Now, some comments on the bombing of civilians followed by wide-ranging comment on other matters.

Human values, humane values can sometimes only be safeguarded by harsh action, including harsh military action. This was the case during the Second World War, a conflict which was obviously more wide ranging by far. But the savagery displayed in the recent terrorist attack on Israel was as bad as any of the atrocities which took place during the Second World War. Allied forces defeated genocidal Nazi Germany not by displays of naive, utopian, superficial thinking but by tactical and strategic thinking which resulted in hard military action, including the use of bombardment.

 After D day, villages, towns and cities in France, Belgium and the Netherlands were liberated by British and other allied forces. Very often, they were liberated by military action which included bombing and artillery fire and very often with civilian casualties. For example, Caen in Normandy was liberated only after being heavily bombed. About 80% of the town was devastated and 3000 civilians were killed. Around 60,000 French civilians had been killed by allied bombing by the time France was liberated. To use only ground forces was out of the question. Nazi occupied Europe could never have been liberated in this way. Anyone who claims that allied forces were 'no better than Nazis' for frequent killing of civilians is failing to take into account Nazi killings of civilians, which belonged to a different order of reality - reprisal executions, the mass executions of the Einsatzgruppen and, of course, the Holocaust, the worst set of war crimes in human history.

In extreme circumstances, to overcome fanatical opposition, the armed forces of democratic states often have no alternative but to use extreme force against 'extremist force,' the methods used by fanatics. To use slight force would be to guarantee defeat. Although technological advances have vastly increased the precision of bombing, these cannot overcome all difficulties, for example those arising in very densely populated neighbourhoods such as Gaza.

A stark fact: the families of all the terrorists killed or injured in these horrific attacks in Israel will receive large cash payments from the Palestinian Authority, which calls them 'Martyr payments.'  The families of Palestinian terrorists killed or injured whilst committing previous acts of terrorism already receive these payments, a reward for spreading death and destruction. Martyr payments  are also made to the families of terrorists imprisoned by Israel for politically motivated violence, often lethal violence.

Basem Naim, Head of Political and International Relations for Hamas, claimed in an interview not long after the attacks on Israeli civilians that none of the people taken hostage at the time by the terrorists (obviously, he never used the word 'terrorist.) are civilians! According to this tainted source of information, the child hostages are not civilians and neither are the children killed! This is a claim that deserves to be treated with contempt and revulsion.

He also claimed that it was an absolute necessity to attack Israel. The alternative, he said, would be to die silently by malnutrition. Later in the interview, he claimed a Palestinian malnutrition rate of 55% He intended to present a deeply distressing picture of starving Palestinians, deprived of food by the Israelis, but he surely knew that the Palestinian malnutrition problem is obesity, not starvation. There have been a number of studies. A study of 2019 found that among adults 18 years and older, 64% of males and 69.5% of females in the Palestinian territories were overweight. Hamas has a record of using distortion, exaggeration, selectivity, general falsification, often taking grotesque forms - tactics which appeal to credulous people.

Badly needed: a deeper and wider understanding of the Palestinian society which gives such widespread support to Hamas. A clear sighted, fair-minded and comprehensive view of Palestinian society should amongst other things take into account information such as  findings of the Pew Research Center. A few examples: stoning to death for adultery may not be practised in the Palestinian territories but 84% of Palestinians support the punishment. The conviction that a woman must always obey her husband is widely held, with 87% support in the Palestinian territories.

Homosexuality is still illegal in Gaza, although not in the West Bank. Homosexuality isn't illegal in Israel, of course. The Gay scene in Israel is a very flourishing one. The Tel Aviv Gay Pride event is one of the largest in the world. As for Iran, the supporter of Hamas, this is a country in the grip of a horrific regime. Homosexuality, blasphemy, adultery and political dissidence are amongst the many offences which can be punished with the death penalty.

A society which is liberal, tolerant and open has to have a whole range of other strengths. Essential: alertness to forces that can damage it very severely, perhaps irreparably. A society has to be willing and able to defend itself or risk being damaged or destroyed by ruthless outside forces - with the exception of states which rely upon other states for their defence, generally mistakenly, but not in the case of very small states such as San Marino.

If, hypothetically, Palestinians were granted a state, is it likely that their relations with their neighbour Israel would be harmonious? If, hypothetically, Israel were ever to be wiped out, the new state would be very vulnerable. Its survival could never be guaranteed. It could easily be invaded by a powerful and ruthless adversary that would like to take its territory. As it is, superior Israeli military power guarantees the security of the Palestinian territories, just as the neutral Republic of Ireland was protected against German invasion by the military power of Britain and its allies during the Second World War. The protection against potential aggressors provided by Israel's superior power is a massive advantage for the Palestinians.

The practical problems now confronting Hamas were avoidable but Hamas chose not to avoid them. Hamas has the responsibility of solving , or attempting to solve, the problems it has created In fact, the problems can only be solved if Hamas is eliminated. Democratic states and organizations should do nothing which helps to save Hamas, directly or indirectly. There are many, many countries in the world facing acute problems to do with basic needs. It's impossible to give effective help to all of them. The basic economic problem is the problem of scarcity: unlimited wants and finite resources.

Why should Hamas-conrolled Gaza be regarded as not just a deserving cause but a deserving cause which should have absolute priority? Israel and Ukraine deserve the support of the free world, not so Hamas-controlled Gaza. 

Hamas is a basket case and has ruined Gaza, with the support of far too many Palestinians. But in general, they don't deserve a regime as bad as Hamas. The 'they' is a generalization, of course, There are deserving and undeserving Palestinians.

If it wanted to, Iran, a big country, could aid the Palestinians not just by providing them with supplies but by offering them some Iranian territory for a new Palestinian homeland. Would the Palestinians be glad to go there, to live in a place free of Israeli influence? I doubt it. If the barbarity of Hamas (and the Iranian regime) is obvious to anyone with any sense, the stupidity of Hamas (and the Iranian regime) should be obvious to anyone with any sense too.

Best Wishes,

Paul Hurt





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