I wouldn't like to have Caroline Lucas as my MP. I would never vote for a Green Party candidate in any election. I don't give detailed reasons and arguments here. In this section, I simply collate and gives links to some of the arguments and evidence available in other parts of this page and other pages of this site. For me, her fine  work in some areas is outweighed by her disastrously misguided work in  others. The page Ethics: theory and practice includes discussion of 'outweighing.' The discussion is detailed and technical - in places, it makes use of symbolism - but underlying the discussion is a view of reality as complex, often giving rise to difficulties, dilemmas, contradictions, problems which simple-minded approaches have no hope of addressing. Underlying the detailed and technical discussion is a view which gives far less weight to 'issues' and concepts than many other approaches, with a great emphasis on people, the strengths and limitations of people - which helps to explain why the site contains so many profiles, including this one, not at all comprehensive.

Caroline Lucas is an outspoken opponent of  bullfighting. Her article in 'The New Statesman' gives some of her reasons and arguments,

I've a very extensive page Bullfighting: arguments against and action against 

She's an outspoken supporter of higher standards of animal welfare, based on the recognition of animals as sentient beings.

My page Animal welfare and activism is a record of my own activities, particularly in opposing the fur trade, the use of animals in circuses and factory farming.

The Green Party's opposition to the death penalty is made clear in this page on Green Party policies, 'Crime and Justice,'

The death penalty

'There is no place for capital punishment in a criminal justice system which is compassionate, just and respectful of human rights. No country or state should retain the death penalty in its criminal justice system. The Green Party advocates the abolition of the death penalty in all countries, and will use its influence in support of instruments and campaigns at national and international level which seek its global abolition.'

My page The death penalty: reasoned revulsion makes use of my experiences and my activities as an opponent of the death penalty over a long period of time.

The Green Party is particularly associated with